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Urban Exploration Websites
. Stories and photographs of urban exploration and adventures in the urban environment. Sneaking into the metro, venturing into the sewers, climbing bridges, and exploring industry, urban ruins, infrastructure and abandoned buildings.
sleepycity.net - daily visitors: 143 pagerank: 4/10 trustworthy: 81/100 child safety: 83/100
Site de photographies, exploration urbaine, friches industrielles, batiments abandonnes, photo-montages dark, fantasy,
neverends.net - daily visitors: 190 pagerank: 3/10
Oblivion State is a fun and friendly community dedicated to sharing experiences of urban exploration.
oblivionstate.com - daily visitors: 124 pagerank: 2/10
Thrilling tales of adventure and stories about haikyo, urban exploration and travel off the beaten track from Gakuranman in Japan.
gakuran.com - daily visitors: 524 pagerank: 4/10
Bunkers, Abandoned Buildings, Hospitals, Asylums, Aircraft Boneyards, Chernobyl and many others sites
rusue.com - daily visitors: 257
Urban Exploring Photography by North American Photographer Freaktography Featuring Abandoned Places, Rooftopping & Urban Exploration Photography.
freaktography.com - daily visitors: 181
Urban Exploration or Urbex photography. Location reports from abandoned and forgotten buildings in the UK and Europe
bcd-urbex.com - daily visitors: 157
Urban Exploration - Marode Industrie - Architektur - Bilder vom Zerfall bedrohter und stillgelegter Lost Places. Urbex von Industrieverfall und Industriekultur.
marodes.de - daily visitors: 114 pagerank: 3/10 trustworthy: 84/100 child safety: 97/100
Haikyo (廃墟) is a word meaning ruins in Japanese. The word also describes a hobby, known in English as Urban Exploration. On this website, you will find many of those haikyo along with photos taken by Jordy Meow.
haikyo.org - daily visitors: 95 pagerank: 4/10
Visų pamirštos vietos arba Urban exploration
pamirsta.lt - daily visitors: 29 pagerank: 3/10
Urban Exploring Photography by North American Photographer Freaktography Featuring Abandoned Places, Rooftopping & Urban Exploration Photography.
freaktography.ca - daily visitors: 24
A Bay Area photographer specializing in urban exploration, landscapes, concerts, and travel photography.
toddsipes.net - daily visitors: 10 pagerank: 2/10
An urbex oriented site featuring abandoned places, urban art, urban exploration of abandoned buildings and more. With updates on alternative travel, weird houses and urban street art, Urban Ghosts Media ventures off the beaten track.
urbanghostsmedia.com - daily visitors: 6,142 pagerank: 4/10 trustworthy: 80/100 child safety: 87/100
Photos by Jordy Meow. Urban Exploration (Haikyo), Japan, France and more.
meow.fr - daily visitors: 1,428 pagerank: 4/10
Talk Urbex is an international urban exploration and photography forum community. We provide equipment reviews, tutorials, competitions and location history
talkurbex.com - daily visitors: 476 pagerank: 3/10 trustworthy: 71/100 child safety: 72/100
Proj3ct M4yh3m aka Project Mayhem is an urban explorer based in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Urbex Reports from throughout Europe. I am always on the look out for the next abandoned building to explore whether at home or abroad. I love visiting Asylums and Hospitals and I have a bit of a thing for photographing Bay Windows...
proj3ctm4yh3m.com - daily visitors: 286 trustworthy: 92/100 child safety: 100/100
Short Walks in Auckland. Native bush walks, dog friendly walks, playgrounds, short family walks, volcanoes, beaches, cafes , walkways
walksinauckland.com - daily visitors: 190 pagerank: 2/10
urban exploration of the tunnels, caves, sewers, mines, ruins, rooftops, vacant factories, abandoned buildings & crawlspaces of Minnesota & Beyond.
actionsquad.org - daily visitors: 67
Perspective Images Photography is the portfolio of amateur photographer and urban explorer Will Williams, who documents the forgotten and decaying world.
perspective-images.com - daily visitors: 5 pagerank: 3/10
28dayslater.co.uk - daily visitors: 1,619 pagerank: 4/10 trustworthy: 88/100 child safety: 78/100
Nature and Landscape Photography | Photographer in Bretagne | Rennes | Urban Exploration | Maginot Line | France | Auvergne | Hiking | Travel
explorerviews.de - daily visitors: 762 pagerank: 3/10
Watson Adventures offers fun, smart scavenger hunts for corporate team building and private groups, as well as public weekend hunts in 7 U.S. cities.
watsonadventures.com - daily visitors: 619 pagerank: 5/10 trustworthy: 61/100
Opisy i dokadne lokalizacje opuszczonych miejsc. Zdjcia opuszczonych miejsc, mapa opuszcoznych miejsc, opuszcozne miejsca, urbex, urban exploration
forgotten.pl - daily visitors: 381 pagerank: 3/10 trustworthy: 66/100 child safety: 66/100
Michael John Grist writes science fiction & fantasy books and short stories, as well exploring and photographing ruins (haikyo) in Japan.
michaeljohngrist.com - daily visitors: 338 pagerank: 5/10 trustworthy: 69/100 child safety: 77/100
urban3p.com - daily visitors: 143 pagerank: 2/10 trustworthy: 87/100 child safety: 91/100
This is not a compilation of familiar tourist sights, as another of those is hardly needed, but a depiction of an (often un-picturesque) view of everyday life in London
derelictlondon.com - daily visitors: 114 trustworthy: 68/100
Zach Fein is an architect and photographer. ZFein.com is an architectural portfolio and urban exploration photo gallery, focusing on analyzing abandonment in Cincinnati, Ohio.
zfein.com - daily visitors: 110
Photographs, stories, and history of abandoned structures. Based in New Jersey, but including various other states
vacantnewjersey.com - daily visitors: 95 pagerank: 2/10 trustworthy: 88/100 child safety: 94/100
oboylephoto.com - daily visitors: 76 pagerank: 4/10 trustworthy: 65/100
Shawn Clover Photography, San Francisco, and the World
shawnclover.com - daily visitors: 48 pagerank: 3/10
Niezwykłe opuszczone miejsca, w których czas zatrzymał się wiele lat temu. W hipnotyzującej aurze tajemniczości dostrzec można piękno opuszczonych miejsc i upływający czas.
opuszczone.net - daily visitors: 33 pagerank: 3/10 trustworthy: 66/100 child safety: 67/100
Opuszczone.com - prezentuje dokumentację fotograficzną z opuszczonych miejsc na terenie kraju i nie tylko. Jest głownym portalem oraz wyznacznikiem ruchu popularnie zwanego Urban Exploration w Polsce.
opuszczone.com - daily visitors: 24 trustworthy: 85/100 child safety: 90/100
pridian.net - daily visitors: 5 pagerank: 3/10 trustworthy: 61/100 child safety: 71/100
日本服飾品牌集團 Urban Research 台灣網路商店重新開幕。2014年春夏強力主打品牌 KBF,旗下 URBAN RESEARCH、DOORS、ROSSO 等系列日本品牌將陸續登場,請持續關注日本服飾品牌集團 Urban Research 台灣官方購物網站。
urban-research.tw - daily visitors: 1,619
アーバンリサーチ(URBAN RESEARCH)ブランドサイト。都会的で洗練されたウェアをカルチャーを交えながら「都市に生きる自分らしい人々」へのライフスタイルを提案していくセレクトショップです。
urban-research.com - daily visitors: 905 pagerank: 5/10 trustworthy: 61/100
Urban Gear is the #1 Streetwear Blog for everything about Mens Streetwear, Urban Gear Clothing & Sneakers!
urban-gear.com - daily visitors: 476 pagerank: 3/10